Luisa López     Daniela Rincón     Bogotá     Colombia 2014

I’m not a look-alike!  is a project dedicated to photograph look-alikes around the world, organize an international exhibition with them and publish a book. The photos are in Black and White.

Elisa Berst     Corinne Barois     Paris    France 2010

What is a look-alike (double, doppelgänger)? A look-alike is someone who looks like another person to the point that there is confusion about them. 

In Plautus’ play  Amphitryon, the god Mercury disguises himself as Sosia, Amphitryon’s servant and creates great confusion by his uncanny likeliness.

Nuno Filipe Mendes Godhino     Miguel Gonçalo Costa Silvestre    Lisboa   Portugal 2010

Donmar Williams     Martine Chase      Weehaken U.S.A. 2011

Tamara Stomphorst      Sandra Meines     Amsterdam    Netherlands 2010

Stéphane Morin     Claude-Simon Langlois       Montréal    Canada 2004