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Bogotá _ Medellín + Cali - Colombia - 2014

Museo Nacional de Fotografia de Colombia

 Image from the expo’s website

On July 27, 2014 a very special exhibition opened in Bogotá: the project 

El  otro soy yo (The other is me), 48 photos of Colombians dedicated to Colombia and organized by the Fotomuseo (Museo Nacional de la Fotografía de Colombia). 

10 more images from other countries were added to the exhibition. The exhibition went after that in Medellín and Cali,

The expo – Bogotá Calle 26 facing the Marriott

Directed by Ms. Gilma Suárez  the Fotomuseo’s originality consists in showing photographic works directly in the streets of Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, allowing more than one milion and a half people to see them. The are put in high trafic pedestrian locations.

The expo – Bogotá Calle 26 facing the Marriott

Guy Mijola during the making of the video on the project

The exhibition is the result of the efforts of an extraordinary man, Guy Mijola, who had the idea of a ‘Made in Colombia’ project involving look-alikes. Guy Mijola is an artist, designer and producer who works in the field of communications in Bogotá. This special project benefited from the help of UGPP (Unidad de Gestion Pensional y Parafiscales), whose director, Ms. Gloria Inés Cortéz, is dedicated to enhancing and nurturing the bond between the people of Colombia.

François Brunelle at work with Catherine Tamayo and Faizuli Arias

Short film directed by Felipe Aguilar on François Brunelle’s work in Bogotá 

Guy Mijola receives an award at the MUPI JCDecaux Awards in Bogotá

Bogotá, August 20, 2015. During the MUPI JCDecaux Awards, the Silver Award  for Print went to El Otro Soy Yo ( The other is me) in the photography category. It was the Awards’ 6th edition.

Each year in Paris a jury makes a selection of the best of the best and the awards are distributed in each country of origin.

Cover page of the expo’s catalog