Q: Do you have to be the look-alike of a public figure or a celebrity to participate? A: No, François is interested in the resemblances that exist between people. This does not mean celebrities cannot participate, many already have, but the project is about resemblances. Any couple of look-alikes may participate as long as the two persons are not related in any way.

Q: Are the models that participate paid for their contribution to the project? 

A: No, all models who participate in François’ project do so for free and thus play an integral part of the creative process.

Q: Are the photographs used for anything other than the artistic project? 

A: No, the photographs are presented only in the context of the project with the approval of the models. No other use of the images can be made without the written consent of the models.

Q: What will the models receive for their participation? 

A: Each model will receive a photo selected by François for the exhibition and book.

Q: Am I responsible for contacting my look-alike and encouraging them to participate in the project? 

A: No, I take responsibility for communicating with the look-alikes and explaining the role of the participant. Involvement in the project is completely voluntary. If one look-alike decides not to participate I respect their decision. The project depends on the mutual cooperation of the look-alikes.

Q: When will the book be published and the exhibition take place ? 

A: Somewhere in the future. Up to date several partial exhibitions have taken place, not to mention special projects, in Montréal, Bogotá, Mannheim, Barcelona, etc. A catalog of Colombian look-alikes has been published.

Q: Are the look-alikes required to dress a certain way for the photo session? 

A: No, the look-alikes should pose as they are normally dressed. There are some requests such as no visible logos or strong patterns. Bringing a small selection of garments in simple styles and a range of light and dark tones is recommended.

Q: Will there be makeup and hairstyling for the photo session? 

A: No, the models are to maintain their normal appearance. The resemblance of the look-alikes must be entirely natural, unaided by extra makeup or styling. However, the models are not restricted in the choices they make concerning their appearance.

Q: Are the photographs digitally manipulated or retouched? 

A: The photographs are only retouched for small defects such as dust and cleaning of the background. François remains as true to reality as possible. Digital manipulation would defeat the purpose of the project.

Q: Where does the photo session take place? 

A: All photographs in the Montreal area taken in the photographer`s own studio. François uses local studios when photographing in other locations. He has already photographed look-alikes in 25 different cities and often use a simple hotel room as a one-time studio.

Q: What happens during the photo session? 

A: Since the photos are very simple, the shooting process is quite straightforward. The models stand side by side against a neutral background and improvise poses. The interaction is natural and relaxed. The session takes between one or two hours.

Q: Why are the photographs black and white? 

A: In general, the clarity and simplicity of black and white photographs eliminate superfluous elements, like skin and hair colour and allow more focus on the essential similarities in facial structure between the two look-alikes.