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Ste-Thérèse 2005    

Ste-Thérèse - Canada - 2005

Expo Lou & Loulou

Programme’s cover of Lou et Loulou

An exhibition has been put in place to support the opening of a musical opera titled Lou et Loulou, played by the students of the  École de Théâtre Lionel-Groulx, in June 2005.

The play is based on the idea of likeliness between people and freely inspired by the  I’m not a look-alike!  project. Lou et Loulou is the story of a young woman, Lou, who dreams she is someone else: Loulou.

The exhibition was meant to spice up the curiosity of the patrons coming to see and hear the musical play.

A wall from the exhibition

It was the very first time that photos from the project were displayed to an audience. The respone was varied, people in general were intrigued by the images. Some saw a lot of likeliness in the photos, others none. A word was heard many times durind the exhibition: "Fascinating! "

A wall from the exhibition

Marie-Renée Charest

The playwright author, actress and director Marie-Renée Charest is based in Montreal.

Pioneer of improvisation theater with Théâtre Euh! she played in Canada and abroad on many stages. She taught improvisational art at Montreal’s UQAM University for a number of years and she is the author of many plays and books about the theater.