Logo of TEDxCIBELES, July 4th 2015 in Madrid

Image from the web site of the event

François Brunelle was invited by Rafael Salazar, on behalf of the team of TEDxCIBELES to give a talk in Madrid about the look-alike project. The one-day event under the theme I’MPOSSIBLE took place on July 4, 2015 at the Teatro Fernán Gómez of the Plaza Colón de Madrid. More than 800 persons attended the event and participated in the different activities taking place during the day.


Complete talk on YouTube

Among the activities were of course the 10 talks themselves but also music and dance with an interactive meal: people had to share meals with other attendees in order to create new links with other people/speakers. 

Organizers and part of the day’s 100 volunteers

Rafael Salazar and Antonio Fontanini, organizers of the event