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Kingston Upon Hull - England - 2014

Hull International Photography Festival 


Logo of the festival

On the 10th of July 2014 a festival took place in England’s North East city of Hull. Hull has been designated the new UK City of Culture. The Hull Photography Festival was in Princes Quay shopping centre and the whole event was organized by the Creative and Cultural Company.

Partial view of the exhibition

François Brunelle’s photos were part of the very first edition of the festival which is gaining more and more exposure and attracting tons of talent from around the world. 10 images were exposed in all.

Princes Quay

New name and new logo of the event

Alan Raw

Alan Raw is the Creative Director sInce the creation of the festival in 2014. He is also president of The Creative and  Culture Company and Co-curator of HIP Gallery and Studios. He is currently a BBC presenter/producer and plays drums in his spare time as well as being a photographer.

His entrepreneurship inspired him to create a festival dedicated to photogaphy and to believe in its potential. With the help of his brother Jim he reached out to a few photographers that he liked to participate in the start of the new festival.