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Mannheim - Germany -2016 

Club Speicher 7

33 images from the I’m not a look-alike! project were displayed at the Club Speicher 7 Gallery in Mannheim from November 2017 to Jannuary 2017. It is a Mannheim photographer, Steffen Diemer, who suggested to Andrea Schöter, the gallery director to offer Mannheim art community some of François Brunelle’s photos of the look-alikes.

Club Speicher 7 Gallery

Article in Die Rheinpalz  November 2016

Meisje Barbara Hummel and Jürgens Neises in front of their photo during the opening

A view of the exhibition

A view of the exhibition

François Brunelle with a photo from the exhibition

Andrea Schröter

Andrea Schröter the very energetic woman who runs the Club Speicher 7 Gallery. On top of being the gallery’s director, she is a very well connected businesswoman. Andrea travels a lot and she knows very well how to merge art and business. Her gallery welcomes a variety of artist which have in common a special resonance with human values.