I'm not a look-alike!







Expo Fotomuseo in Bogotá 2014

Work In Progress expo in Montréal 2009

Work In Progress expo in London 2005

Work In Progress expo in Ste-Thérèse 2005

London - England - The Camera Club - 2005

In december 2005, in London, England, took place a work in progress exhibit of about 20 images from the I'm not a look-alike! project at The Camera Club. The exhibit was put in place by London photographer and artist Paul Anthony Harris and gave the opportunity for the first time to londoners to see some of the look-alikes images.

Front of the building

One of the exhibit walls

The prints, all 60x50cm, were giving the English public a good idea of what the future expo of the project will be like. At the opening some people expressed doubts about the models being unrelated. A word was pronounced repeatedly during the evening to describe the work : " spooky ".

Paul Anthony Harris

Paul Anthony Harris was instantly fascinated by the I'm not a look-alike! project and proposed to exhibit some of its images to The Camera Club. Paul easily got the gallery's approval and also benefited from the help of the Quebec House for help organizing the show. Paul is an artist-photographer who plays with symmetry in his photographs. He lives and works in London